5 Best May Holidays That are Dedicated To Modern Technology & Its Usage

Let’s take a moment to imagine our world without technology. A world where everything has to be done manually, no matter how complex the task. Now think about a world without modern medical discoveries and technologies, where communication is limited to face-to-face interactions, and where we have to store all of our information in physical form.

We know that the world is a better place with technology, although there have been a few growing pains as this technology continues to advance. Technologies have changed the global labor market in both positive and negative ways, changed the way goods and services are distributed around the world, and made life easier for almost everyone. That’s why we think that technology should be embraced and celebrated.

The best way to celebrate technology, at least in our opinion, is by celebrating the holidays dedicated to it. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and sought out the 5 Best May Holidays That Are Dedicated To Modern Technology & Its Usage. Let’s take a look at the following holidays and see how they can help sharpen our view of how technology has made a difference in our lives.

World Password Day (The First Thursday in May)

Observed on the first Thursday in May, World Password Day is a holiday that we really didn’t need just a few short decades ago. After all, most of our important information was printed on paper documents. Now, everyone has a handful of passwords for social media and various websites. These passwords protect our important personal data, so all of us need to protect this information by choosing strong passwords. And hopefully, those passwords aren’t “Password1234.”

National Space Day (First Friday in May)

National Space Day was created during the 1990s by the Lockheed Martin Corporation. It was originally conceived as a one-day event to inspire students to pursue jobs in the aerospace industry, but it was so popular it began to be observed every year. It’s a good thing it is because this industry has changed our world in profound ways.

It’s not only given us a better understanding of our universe but has also brought us some amazing pieces of technology. This includes satellite and GPS positioning technology, robotics, weather forecasting, and various modern materials. All of which make modern life possible.

National Defense Transportation Day (The Third Friday in May)

What many people may not realize is that the military forces of the world have a real need to transport military equipment and personnel around the world efficiently. Military logistics is important for achieving these goals, and that has required advances in technology.

National Defense Transportation Day celebrates those advances in technology. Advances that have also made civilian transportation technology, logistics, and infrastructure more efficient as well. In other words, defense transportation technology has made all of our lives better.

National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day (May 24th)

We think that most people would agree that aviation has had one of the greatest impacts of any technology on all of our lives. It has shrunk the world and allowed people to travel just about anywhere. Even the longest airplane rides are a mere fraction of the time it used to take ships to traverse the globe. So, on this day, we should thank the technicians that keep all those planes in the air. They have helped this technology to bring the world closer together.

Autonomous Vehicle Day (May 31st)

Another industry that has had a significant impact on our lives is the self-driving car industry. Autonomous vehicle technology hasn’t fully replaced humans behind the wheel (at least, not yet), but it has improved vehicle technology. They have made vehicles safer, more accessible, and more energy-efficient.

They have also eased traffic congestion in some areas. Of course, there are drawbacks to this technology, including displacing jobs in the transportation industry or the real possibility of the data collected by these vehicles falling into the wrong hands. Even so, no one can deny that these vehicles have had a significant impact on modern society.

The modern world is constantly evolving, and it has played an important role in shaping our lives. The above May holidays give us all a chance to reflect on the advancements in technology and how that technology has altered modern life. As we look towards the future, it’s become crystal clear that technology will drive us forward, and we can always celebrate those changes by inventing new holidays to celebrate them.