10 Of The Weirdest Holidays In May That People Actually Celebrate

We’ve been researching holidays for a long time, maybe too long. We’ve seen almost every holiday a person could imagine under the sun. We’ve seen holidays dedicated to celebrating people and their achievements, holidays celebrating foods, and holidays memorializing tragedy. There have been so many holidays that sometimes we think we’ve seen it all. However, reality checks our hubris pretty quickly, and we soon realize that there are some holidays that manage to surprise even us.

There are a lot of strange holidays packed into every month. Holidays that make everyone wonder why they even exist. Some of these holidays are created in jest, we suppose, but there are quite a few of them that really seem to take themselves seriously as well. That’s why we decided to round up some of the odd holidays and spend some time talking about them.

Batman Day

Batman Day is probably one of the least weird holidays on our list today. Ever since his debut in Detective Comics in 1939, Batman has been a huge part of pop culture. He’s had several of his own comic series, both live-action and animated TV series, and several movies. From Adam West to Michael Keaton to Robert Pattinson, there’s bound to be a Batman variant you’ll love.

National Lumpy Rug Day

Observed every May 3rd, National Lumpy Rug Day is a holiday that encourages people to check the rugs in their homes and get them cleaned. It can also be used as a symbolic holiday where people check on the things that they have proverbially swept under the rug.

National Paranormal Day

Do you believe in ghosts, goblins, or other supernatural entities? If you do, then National Paranormal Day might be a day that you’ll want to check out. So head out there and visit a local haunted house, watch a ghost-hunting television show, or even hold a séance. Just don’t look under the bed when this holiday comes around on May 3rd, and don’t forget the salt!

No Pants Day

No Pants Day is actually an ingenious day that allows us to free ourselves from the confines of our trousers. While we don’t recommend that people leave their pants off while going to work or grocery shopping, if you’re at home, then feel free to go pants-free on the first Friday in May.

National Lost Sock Memorial Day

We’ve all lost socks, usually to the dryer. National Lost Sock Memorial Day is dedicated to those scraps of fabric that once did an important job of keeping our feet warm but are now lost to the world. What better way than to wear a pair of mismatched socks!

National Frog Jumping Day

National Frog Jumping Day springs from a story published by Mark Twain entitled “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog” (later published as “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”), so it has somewhat of a literary connotation to it.

National Dance Like A Chicken Day

Every May 14th is observed as National Dance Like a Chicken Day — a day that encourages people to do the “Chicken Dance.” It’s a classic, performed at ball games, school dances, and weddings to loosen up and have fun.

Talk Like Yoda Day

Every May 21st is observed as Talk Like Yoda Day. It’s a holiday for people to let their imagination run wild and spend the day talking like the legendary Jedi Master who maintains a strong connection with the Force. Fun, it sounds like, young Padawan, hm?

Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day

Before we observed Put a Pillow On Your Fridge Day on May 29th, we didn’t realize that people were actually putting pillows on top of their fridges for luck. Doing this simple act has been done throughout history by people who are looking to add a little bit of luck to their lives.

National Hole In My Bucket Day

National Hole in My Bucket Day is a holiday that’s observed annually on May 30th. It honors an 18th-century children’s song that originated in Germany. It’s a hilarious song that shows cause and effect and encourages problem-solving skills, and the lyrics wrap around in a way that the song could go on forever.

This concludes our list of the 10 Weirdest Holidays in May That People Actually Celebrate. We hope that everyone enjoys our list and will keep these weird holidays alive.