Apple Gifting Day

Every year, the 1st of January is observed as Apple Gifting Day. As the name of this day explicitly implies, it’s a day to give friends and family some apples. Throughout history, apples have been a symbol of love, knowledge, wisdom, and joy, so it’s no surprise that the custom of giving apples on the first day of the year has persisted for so long.

Sure, the 1st of January is technically the end of the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that one more gift can’t be given. Nothing says “Happy New Year” better than a basket full of apples.

The History of Apple Gifting Day

Apples have been given as gifts since the dawn of civilization. Both the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans had the tradition of giving apples to loved ones on the first day of the new year.

Giving apples was also a custom among Celtic cultures. Apples, nuts, and mistletoe were given to people not only during the beginning of the new year but also during other momentous occasions. As such, the apple persisted as a symbol of luck and prosperity for thousands of years. Over the years, it also became a symbol of luxury and wealth.

Europeans immigrating to the U.S. brought the tradition of giving apples with them. For a long while, apples were given to people on the first day of the year. Eventually, this tradition would die out.

Instead, apples were often used as a form of payment given to teachers as payment for their services. This practice was so widespread that even when teachers began to get real money for their job, the custom of giving teachers apples was observed.

For a while, Apple Gifting Day was more of a historic note than a tradition observed by people. And this continued throughout the 20th century. Then someone decided to resurrect this holiday sometime around 2018 or so. Since that year, the holiday has become one that is being observed by an increasing number of people around the U.S.

Observing Apple Gifting Day

Even though apples are usually given on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, some people are beginning to observe Apple Gifting Day as a holiday again. That means that they’re giving apples, usually in gift baskets, to friends and loved ones.

People may also give away not only the actual fruit but also desserts made with the fruit. This includes apple pies, apple crisps, country apple galette, and apple bread pudding. People can also observe this holiday by taking the time to spread the word about it.

This can easily be done through social media using the hashtag #AppleGiftingDay. If everyone follows these steps, then we can all make sure that this holiday continues to be practiced every single year.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 1 Monday
Next year (2025)
January 1 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
January 1 Sunday
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