Battle Of San Jacinto

Observed as a national holiday in Nicaragua, the Battle of San Jacinto is a day that’s observed annually on the 14th of September. It commemorates the battle of the same name where Colonel José Dolores Estrada and his army of 160 soldiers defeated William Walker and his army of 300 soldiers.

This was one of the first victories for the Legitimist Party and was a step closer to Nicaragua maintaining control of its own country. This holiday is celebrated as a public holiday, so people have the day off, and most schools and businesses are closed for the day. It’s also a day when the country’s flag is flown, and the national anthem is widely played.

The History of the Battle of San Jacinto

Taking advantage of the Nicaraguan Civil War, an American named William Walker organized a private military expedition into the country to try and establish English-speaking colonies. He and his followers, known as filibusters, were capable of seizing the city of Granada and taking control of the country in April 1856.

On September 14, 1856, the Battle of San Jacinto occurred between 300 filibusters led by William Walker and 160 soldiers of the Legitimist Party’s Septentrion Army led by Colonel José Dolores Estrada. After four hours of combat, the filibusters were defeated by the Colonel. This is seen as the first significant victory for the legitimists.

Observing the Battle of San Jacinto

On this day, the best students and teachers from around Nicaragua are granted the Presidential Medallion by Nicaragua’s President. It’s also a day that features parades, festivals, and street food.

The flag of Nicaragua is also raised at official ceremonies and placed on public buildings all across the country. This is just one day of two patriotic holidays, the second one being Independence Day, which falls on the 15th of September.

Where is it celebrated?
Nicaragua (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
September 14 Saturday
Next year (2025)
September 14 Sunday
Last year (2023)
September 14 Thursday