Birthday Of Yang Di-Pertuan Besar

The Birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Besar is a public holiday observed in Negeri Sembilan, a Malaysian state located on the southwest coast of the Malay Peninsula. The ruler of this Malaysian state is not known as Sultan, as he once was, but is instead known as Yang di-Pertuan Besar.

Unlike the hereditary monarchs of the country’s other states, this ruler is elected by a council of ruling chiefs. This holiday is observed on the birthday of Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir, which falls on this date in 1948. He was, and as of the date of the writing of this holiday, the eleventh Yamtuan of Negeri Sembilan.

The History of the Birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Besar

Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir was born on January 14th, 1948, and was the only son to the late Tuanku Munawir ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman out of six children. He received his education at the Tuanku Muhammad and Tunku Besar Schools, and later at Aldenham School in the UK.

He was made heir presumptive or Tunku Besar in 1960 but was bypassed by the council to become Yang di-Pertuan Besar in favor of his uncle, Tuanku Jaafar. Tuanku Jaafar would become the 10th Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan in 1967. After Tuanku Jaafar’s death in 2008, Tuanku Muhriz was made the 11th Yang di-Pertuan Besar.

Observing the Birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Besar

This holiday is observed with birthday celebrations for the Yang di-Pertuan Besar. These ceremonies are held in the royal capital of Seri Menanti in the Kuala Pilah District. Of course, there are also celebrations held in the capital of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban.

Some of the events that take place on this day include parades, cultural festivals, art exhibitions, historical exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, and food. People enjoy traditional Negeri Sembilan dishes such as Siew Pow (a meat-filled pastry), Beef Noodles, and Hakka Mee (yellow noodles tossed with pork gravy, minced pork, and spring onions).

Where is it celebrated?
Malaysia (Common local holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
January 14 Sunday
Next year (2025)
January 14 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
January 14 Saturday