Care Bears Share Your Care Day

Celebrated annually on September 9th, Care Bears Share Your Care Day is a holiday that encourages people to go out into the world and spread caring around the world. For those individuals who aren’t familiar with the Care Bears-they’re a toy line and cartoon that was introduced during the 1980s to teach caring to children all over the world.

These bears started out as multi-colored bears that were painted by artists Elena Kucharik and were used on greeting cards produced by the American Greetings card company in 1981. Two years, later, they were plush teddy bears, and two years after that, they were the star of their own animated television show.

The History Of Care Bears Share Your Care Day

We’ve already pretty much gone over the history of the Care Bears-from its inception as a greeting card character in 1981 through its animated series, a series which began in 1985 and ended in 1988. Care Bear fans might even realize that they were in three of their own feature films as well.

These films were The Care Bears Movie in 1985; Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation in 1986; and The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland in 1987. What fans might not realize is that in 2015, the American Greetings card company invented Care Bears Share Your Care Day.

Some Quick Facts About Care Bears

Below are some quick facts about Care Bears.

  • Care Bears each had their own color, had a different symbol on their stomachs, and had different personalities.
  • As their name suggests, their whole deal was to spread caring.
  • Their movie was one of the first movies based on a toy.
  • Some Care Bear merchandise produced during the 1980s is worth a lot of money nowadays.

Observing Care Bears Share Your Care Day

This day can be observed by taking the time to do something nice for someone else. This can be simply as helping an elderly neighbor bring their groceries in or by tipping that delivery driver a little bit extra. It’s also a good day to show you care via social media and by using the hashtag #CareBearsShareYourCareDay.

When is it?
This year (2023)
September 9 Saturday
Next year (2024)
September 9 Monday
Last year (2022)
September 9 Friday
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