Černová Tragedy Day

In Slovakia, the 27th of October is an official remembrance day known as Černová Tragedy Day. This day commemorates those Slovaks who were killed by Hungarian police during the Černová Massacre on this date in 1907. During this massacre, 15 people were killed, and more were wounded after the armed force known as the Gendarmerie fired into a crowd of people that were gathering for the consecration of a local Catholic church.

These shootings ended up sparking multiple protests all over the world and would shine a light on the treatment of minorities in Austria-Hungary. Although this is a holiday that’s observed with reverence, it’s not a public holiday.

The History of Černová Tragedy Day in Slovakia

The Slovak parish priest Andrej Hlinka decided to raise money for the construction of a new church. Thanks to an effort by the locals, as well as a few donations from Slovaks around the world, they were able to raise the necessary funds for the church. In April of 1907, construction on the church began, and by the time fall came around, the church was ready to be consecrated.

The locals wanted Hlinka to perform the consecration, but at the time, he was suspended and imprisoned due to his pro-Slovak agitation in the 1906 election campaign. The bishop denied the locals’ request for Hlinka to perform the consecration, so a protest began at the ceremony. The gendarmes showed up, and there was some stone-throwing by locals at the gendarmerie. Sergeant Ján Ladiczky ordered his squad to open fire into the crowd. Fifteen people were killed, and about 12 people were wounded.

Observing Černová Tragedy Day in Slovakia

This holiday isn’t a public one in Slovakia, but it is observed with some ceremonies across the country. Because it’s not a public holiday, most businesses and schools remain open on this day, and it’s a working day for most people.

Where is it celebrated?
Slovakia (Observance)
When is it?
This year (2024)
October 27 Sunday
Next year (2025)
October 27 Monday
Last year (2023)
October 27 Friday