National Chocolate Fondue Day

National Chocolate Fondue Day is a nonofficial holiday which falls on February 5th of every year. On this fun holiday, people are supposed to get together and enjoy the dessert version of traditional fondue – except instead of using cheese as a dip, chocolate is used. It’s a sweet holiday that seems custom designed for those people who just so happen to have a sweet tooth.

History of National Chocolate Fondue Day

While no one is quite sure when this holiday was created, it had to have been sometime either during the 1960s or after the 1960s. That’s because chocolate fondue wasn’t created until that time. This form of fondue, which was created in the United States, was adapted from an earlier European version.

European fondue was created during the 1800s as a way to use up hardened cheese. The cheese would be melted and then a party would be formed and everyone would dip bread into the cheese. The word fondue comes from the French word “fondre” which means “to melt.”

Celebrating This Holiday

Celebrating this holiday is really easy. All you have to do is throw a dinner party, melt some chocolate and place it at the center of a table and give your guests some skewers to dip their goodies into the chocolate. Some of the more common food items that can be dipped include apple pieces, pears, bananas, cake, cubes of ice cream and marshmallows. If you’re feeling especially festive, you can also set up a fondue fountain for everyone to enjoy.


National Chocolate Fondue Day is the perfect day for chocoholics to have some fun. And one that is easy to do as well. All that’s required is some friends and family, a bowl of melted chocolate and some things to dip into it. Just be careful not to overindulge on this decadent holiday.

When is it?
This year (2023)
February 5 Sunday
Next year (2024)
February 5 Monday
Last year (2022)
February 5 Saturday
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