Commitment Day

Commitment Day is a holiday observed annually on January 1st and is a day for everyone, everywhere, to show their affection and commitment to the person closest to their heart. This day can be observed with an actual commitment ceremony that friends and relatives can attend, or it can be observed in a more intimate and private manner.

No matter how couples choose to observe this holiday, one thing is for sure: they are going to be doing something that humans have done for tens of thousands of years. People have committed themselves to their partners, an act that’s sure to continue well into the foreseeable future and beyond.

The History of Commitment Day

Human beings have committed themselves to one another ever since there have been human beings to do so. It’s one of the oldest ritual acts on the planet and even predates traditional marriage ceremonies.

When couples began to get married, commitment ceremonies remained an important practice. It was a practice that was used by couples who couldn’t get married legally or in the eyes of the church due to their sexual orientation or race.

It was a way for couples to bind themselves to one another and honor their commitment to each other regardless of whether their union was accepted by the state or the church. Although people have practiced commitment ceremonies throughout history, there wasn’t an official Commitment Day until 1960. This is when the first known one was celebrated as an extension of the New Year.

On New Year’s, it was customary to make New Year’s resolutions, so naturally, it was seen as a day for people to recommit themselves to one another. It’s for this reason that Commitment Day has been observed every year by people who are in love and are committed to each other.

Some Quick Facts About Commitment

We’re not going to get too metaphysical about commitment and what it means to couples. We’ll leave it to couples to determine the importance of commitment in their lives. What we will do is list some of the things that make a commitment an actual commitment. Let’s look at these points below.

  • A commitment is a choice and a promise.
  • A commitment requires personal responsibility.
  • Commitment requires integrity and honesty.

Observing Commitment Day

People can choose how they want to celebrate this holiday. They can have an elaborate commitment ceremony that features a lot of food and drink and is attended by friends and loved ones. Or, people can have a small personal ceremony between themselves and their loved ones.

It doesn’t even have to be complicated — it can simply be a verbal commitment between two people. No matter how a person observes this holiday, they should use the hashtag #CommitmentDay on social media to spread the word about it far and wide.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 1 Monday
Next year (2025)
January 1 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
January 1 Sunday
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