Constantin Brancusi Day

Constantin Brancusi Day is an observance holiday that is observed on February 19th in Romania and celebrates the life of a Romanian sculptor, photographer, and painter who is considered a major influence on modernist art. His art emphasized clean geometrical lines, which were carefully balanced with the symbolic allusions often found in representational art.

Many of his influences emerge from Romanian folk art that can be traced back to both the Dionysian and Byzantine traditions. Although this day is not a public holiday, people who love art often take the time to appreciate his work by attending exhibitions or museums.

A Brief Biography of Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi was born on February 19, 1876, in Hobita, Romania. At an early age, he showed artistic ability as he would often engage in folk crafts such as woodcarving while helping his peasant parents tend their flock of sheep.

He ended up leaving home at the age of 9 due to the constant bullying from his father and brother, however, and would end up working in the nearest large town.

Brancusi worked a variety of jobs, and at one of those jobs, he handcrafted a violin using materials found around the workplace. This impressed an industrialist who then enrolled Brancusi in the Craiova School of Arts and Crafts. It was at this school that Brancusi pursued his love for woodworking.

In 1898, he graduated from the school with honors. He then enrolled in the Bucharest School of Fine Arts and studied sculpture. Over the course of his life, Brancusi created over 1,200 photographs and 215 sculptures and left an artistic legacy that is unmatched to this day.

Observing Constantin Brancusi Day

On this day, people all over Romania, and around the world, visit museums and art exhibits to see the work of this incredible artist. Some people who can’t travel to a museum or exhibit will check out his work in collections found in the Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim, The Met Museum, or other places that exhibit his work.

Where is it celebrated?
Romania (Observance)
When is it?
This year (2024)
February 19 Monday
Next year (2025)
February 19 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
February 19 Sunday