Constitution Day in Dominican Republic

Constitution Day in the Dominican Republic is observed on the 6th of November most years, but it is sometimes observed on the Monday or Friday closest to that date to give citizens a three-day weekend. The purpose of this holiday is to mark the adoption of the country’s first constitution on November 6th, 1844.

This day is observed as a public holiday in the country, so it’s a day off for most people. It’s also a day when most schools, businesses, and government agencies are closed. On the streets of Santo Domingo, there are parades, festivals, and processions galore.

The History of Constitution Day in the Dominican Republic

On November 6th, 1844, the Caribbean country now known as the Dominican Republic signed its first constitution after declaring its independence from Haiti. The constitution was signed in San Cristóbal and was modeled after the U.S. Constitution, including a presidential form of government.

Over the years, this constitution has been changed under different authoritarian regimes. Every change requires a new constitution to be created, and so far, almost 40 constitutions have been created in the country.

Observing Constitution Day in the Dominican Republic

Because this is a public holiday, many residents have a day off, and most schools, government agencies, and businesses are closed. It’s also a holiday in which there are parades, festivals, and processions, particularly in large cities such as Santo Domingo.

If this holiday falls on a Monday or Friday, it gives residents an opportunity to enjoy a three-day weekend—an opportunity they can use to dine with friends and family members.

Some of the dishes enjoyed by residents of the Dominican Republic include a type of stew called Sancocho and La Bandera Dominicana (“Dominican Flag”), which is made with white rice, stewed meat, and red beans. It’s also common to serve La Bandera Dominicana with other sides such as plantains, avocado, tomatoes, and other vegetables.

Where is it celebrated?
Dominican Republic (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
November 6 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
November 6 Thursday
Last year (2023)
November 6 Monday