Friendship Month

September is a month that’s been observed as Friendship Month for quite some time, and that means it’s the perfect month for people to build new friendships, tend to current friendships, or even revitalize that friendship that hasn’t officially ended but is in desperate need of some TLC.

Those are some of the ways that we like to observe this month, and we believe those to be some great ways to observe this holiday. How a person goes about celebrating their own version of this month is up to them as long as they put forth the effort.

The History Of Friendship Month

This holiday is one that’s been observed for centuries, although not a lot of people would realize that’s the case. It was originally known as Oddfellows Friendship Month and was first celebrated over 200 years ago by the Oddfellows.

The Oddfellows are also known as The Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society and it’s an international fraternity that was established in 1730s England. The purpose of this organization, as well as the holiday month they created, was to encourage people to make friends.

They believed friendship was a surefire way to cure loneliness, so they created this holiday. It’s been observed ever since.

Observing Friendship Month

Regardless of whether a person knows this holiday as Friendship Month, Oddfellows Friendship Month, or International Friendship Month, this is the month for people to make new friends.

It’s also the month that people should use to maintain current friendships or to rehab friendships that are beginning to fall apart due to distance or lack of communication.

Anyone and everyone taking the time to observe this holiday should also use the hashtag #FriendshipMonth to spread the word about this holiday through social media. Who knows, this might even connect people together and lead to new friendships.

When is it?
This year (2023)
September 1 Friday
Next year (2024)
September 1 Sunday
Last year (2022)
September 1 Thursday
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