General Pulaski Memorial Day

General Pulaski Memorial Day is a U.S. public holiday observed on October 11 every year, as set by Presidential Proclamation. It commemorates the Polish hero of the American Revolution, General Kazimierz Pulaski, who fought at the siege of Savannah on October 9, 1779.

It is also a day used to honor the rich, storied history of Polish-Americans. General Pulaski is often referred to as the father of the American cavalry. This holiday has been observed since the end of the 1920s, and every president has issued a proclamation for it ever since—with the only exception being in 1930.

The History of General Pulaski Memorial Day

This holiday was created by a resolution of the U.S. Congress in 1929. This resolution, known as Public Resolution 16 of 1929, designated October 11th as General Pulaski Memorial Day. Every year, the President of the U.S. issues a proclamation for the observance of this holiday.

Amazing Facts About General Pulaski

We didn’t want to leave this holiday guide without first mentioning a few facts about General Pulaski, so we did the research and came up with some of the more interesting facts we’ve uncovered about him. We then listed those facts below for everyone’s entertainment.

  • During the Battle of Brandywine, George Washington’s life was saved by Pulaski.
  • General Marquis de Lafayette laid the cornerstone of the Casimir Pulaski monument in Savannah, Georgia, in 1825.
  • Since 1937, there has been an annual Pulaski Day Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Observing General Pulaski Memorial Day

One of the main ways to observe this holiday is to learn more about General Pulaski and his service. Another way is to visit one of the cavalry museums that exist in the U.S. This includes the 3rd Cavalry Museum at Fort Carson, the U.S. Cavalry Museum at Fort Riley, or the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor at Fort Knox.

And, of course, it is more than appropriate to visit the Casimir Pulaski Monument in Savannah, Georgia, on this day. This holiday can also be noted on social media using the hashtag #GeneralPulaskiMemorialDay.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 11 Friday
Next year (2025)
October 11 Saturday
Last year (2023)
October 11 Wednesday
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