Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day is a holiday that recognizes the pioneers in the community who blazed a trail for social acceptance and equality in society for LGBTQ individuals today. This day is observed on May 16th each year and was first celebrated in 2015.

Since then, this holiday has grown from a small grassroots holiday into one that is celebrated all over the world. It is a day on which people can take the time to thank everyone who has dedicated their lives, and sometimes freedom, to the advancement of LGBTQ rights in the U.S. and around the world.

The History of National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

This holiday was officially created in 2015 by Nate Sweeney. He invented the holiday to recognize the leadership and contributions of the pioneers of the LGBT community. It has since become a holiday that has spread across the U.S. and the world.

Historic Moments in the Fight for LGBT Rights

Below are some of the historic moments in the fight for LGBT rights. Let’s take a look at them.

  • In 1924, the first gay rights group was established by WWI veteran Henry Gerber. This was the Society for Human Rights.
  • In 1958, when the U.S. Post Office refused to deliver America’s first widely distributed pro-gay publication, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay rights.
  • In 1973, homosexuality was removed from the official list of mental illnesses by the American Psychiatric Association.

Observing National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

On this day, LGBTQ organizations host seminars, luncheons, or other events to recognize senior leadership and the pioneers who have made a difference in advancing LGBTQ rights in our society.

It is also a day on which people can take time to learn more about the LGBT movement. To spread the word about this holiday, people can use the hashtag #HonorOurLGBTEldersDay on their social media accounts.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 16 Thursday
Next year (2025)
May 16 Friday
Last year (2023)
May 16 Tuesday
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