Independence Day in Montenegro

Independence Day is a public holiday that’s observed in Montenegro every May 21st. This is a holiday that marks the anniversary of the Montenegrin independence referendum that took place on that date in 2006. Although this holiday is observed on the 21st of May, that’s only day one of this holiday celebration.

It is also usually celebrated on the 22nd of May as well—although the day of the week can change depending on what day the original holiday falls. It’s a huge holiday in Montenegro and is usually a day off for the general population. Government offices, schools, and some businesses are also closed on this day as well.

The History Of Independence Day In Montenegro

During the 16th century, Montenegro was a semi-autonomous region that was located within the larger Ottoman Empire. The country would eventually gain its independence in 1878 after a series of rebellions led to the Treaty of Berlin.

Montenegro would become a part of Yugoslavia after WWI. When the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was dissolved in 1992, Montenegro and Serbia began the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This would be renamed Serbia and Montenegro in 2003 under the Belgrade Agreement.

On May 21, 2006, an independence referendum was put to a vote and this resulted in 85% of the voters in the country turning out. The independence referendum received 55.5% of the votes in favor, which allowed it to accept independence. Independence was declared on June 3, 2006, and Montenegro became the 192nd member of the UN on June 24th of that year.

Observing Independence Day In Montenegro

This holiday is observed in Montenegro with special ceremonies, political speeches, and festivals. It’s also a general day off of work and many government offices and schools are closed for the day. Some businesses are also closed on this day. It’s also a day when people spend time with friends and family members enjoying open-air parks or having meals at each other’s homes.

Where is it celebrated?
Montenegro (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
Next year (2024)
Last year (2022)