Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is an observance that is intended as a special day of thanks to teachers, and also to recognize their importance. It is observed by many different countries, although the date on which it is celebrated is usually specific to the country that it is observed in. For instance, in the United States it is observed on a Tuesday during the first week of May, while in the United Kingdom it is observed on October 5th .


In the U.S, the first National Teacher Day was established on March 7. 1980. This would eventually be changed in 1985 to the Tuesday in the first week of May by the National Parent-Teacher Association. On October 5th, 1994, the first Wold Teacher’s Day was established in over 100 different countries.


It is an important day of the year that allows students to show their respect and respect to their teachers. This is often done by giving the teacher a handwritten note or card, or in some instances, flowers. In some countries, the day is celebrated by giving teachers and students a day off.

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