Investiture Of The Captains Regent

The Investiture of the Captains Regent is a holiday in San Marino that is observed twice every year. It is observed on April 1st and on October 1st. San Marino is a republic that has two heads of state who are elected every six months by the Grand and General Council.

To ensure a balanced government, these regents come from different political parties. Once they have served six months as regents, they are ineligible for the position again for three more years. This is a tradition that dates back to 1243 and is based on a custom of the Roman Republic. It might seem like a strange practice to elect two regents, but the positions are largely symbolic.

The History of the Investiture of the Captains Regent

The establishment of the Captains Regent began in 1243 and is based on the concept of consuls, which was a practice in Ancient Rome. One of the positions was originally called Captain of the Republic, and the other was Defender of the Republic. Those terms, however, are not used in modern parlance. Instead, the name Captains Regent is used for the positions.

It used to be that women were not allowed to take public positions in San Marino, but that changed in 1972 with the passing of a new law that allowed women to serve. The first female Captain Regent was elected in April of 1981. She was Maria Lea Pedini-Angelini.

Observing the Investiture of the Captains Regent

The main event in San Marino on either April 1st or October 1st for this holiday is the installation celebrations that take place outside the Government Palace at Piazza della Libertà.

However, before this formal procedure even takes place, the citizens of San Marino are given a three-day grace period to file any complaints or charges against the new Captains Regent. If there are charges, then they are officially investigated and referred to a judicial hearing.

Where is it celebrated?
San Marino (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
Next year (2025)
Last year (2023)