National Absurdity Day

National Absurdity Day has a nice ring to it, but just how far should one go? And how did it come about? Yes, it is odd, but to change a famous quote from Alice In Wonderland – all the best people are mad. This is why absurdity should definitely be celebrated. It is celebrated on November 20th giving everyone a great opportunity to recall some of the mad, bonkers, quite frankly absurd stories from life, but also to retell the mad stories of others. History is rich in stories of the bizarre, so why not observe this fun day.

What Are The Origins Of National Absurdity Day?

That is part of the beauty – no one knows! The origins are absurd as the theme itself. There are many ways to interpret absurdity that can make it so fun to participate in. For many people, it doesn’t take a lot to find an excuse to escape normal life for a short time. Enter National Absurdity Day.

The origins of the word absurd are easier to trace, through philosopher Kiergaard from Denmark. One theory is that people are trying to make sense of a meaningless universe, which is absurd. This theory gave Kiergaard some recognition, which turned into a movement. Although this has no direct link to the origins of National Absurdity Day, it helps explain some of the backgrounds as to why the word means what it does.

How To Observe National Absurdity Day?

The first thing to do is check the hashtag #Nationalabsurdityday – this is a great resource of fun stories. It is also a good place to get involved and share your own. Other people like to do something a bit absurd. So, (within reason) why not give in to that quirky whim and act upon it, do something absurd on the 20th November!

There may have been something you have always wanted to do – walk backwards, or even just find stories that you can recall later about the absurd events that have happened throughout time.

Forget social customs, get the norm out of your head, and dye your hair a bright colour, or greet everyone you meet in passing, it’s National Absurdity Day! Other fun ways to celebrate include having an impromptu water fight, or pillow fight if the weather does not permit it.

Why Observe National Absurdity Day?

Mainly, it is because of what it does to our spirits. It brings people together, swapping stories and having fun, but it is also good for the soul. When you let your inhibitions loose you invite fun into your life, and it is actually good timing. Since it occurs a little before Thanksgiving, it is the perfect opportunity to relax before the stress of the holiday takes over.

When you share a laugh with other people it can help you forget about the woes of the day. This is going to bring people together so it is always good to spread the word. You are more likely to find children in school observing this day.

When is it?
This year (2023)
November 20 Monday
Next year (2024)
November 20 Wednesday
Last year (2022)
November 20 Sunday
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