Uncle And Aunt Day

Although extended family members such as aunts and uncles are some of the most underappreciated members of the family, they are also extremely important. Your parents’ siblings can be an important part of the family structure and can provide love, fun, and laughter to the whole family.

That’s why someone has decided to invent a holiday that praises their role in the family. This holiday is known as National Aunt and Uncle’s Day and is observed annually on July 26th.

The History of National Aunt and Uncle’s Day

Even though we did extensive research on this holiday, we were unable to find out who invented it or when it was invented. We believe that it’s one of the newer holidays on the calendar, so it was probably invented sometime after 2012.

Why Aunts & Uncles Are Important

We can spend all day telling everyone that aunts and uncles are important, but unless we give some concrete evidence to support our statement, no one is going to believe it. Let’s explore some of these facts below.

They Can Provide Useful Advice

One thing that aunts and uncles might provide to you, whether you’re a child or an adult, is advice from a different viewpoint. While parents provide the most guidance in a person’s life, aunts and uncles can offer viewpoints that differ slightly.

They Can Provide Support to Parents

Another way that aunts and uncles can help is by providing support to their siblings. When the parent is ill or needs a break, aunts and uncles can step in to babysit.

They Extend the Child’s Family

Many scientists believe that having an extended family can be beneficial to children. Aunts, uncles, and cousins expose the child to other viewpoints and allow them to practice their social skills.

They Can Present You With Gifts

Who doesn’t want aunts and uncles, particularly around your birthday or Christmas? More aunts and uncles mean more presents on these holidays.

They Can Help With New Skills

Many of us have that cool aunt or uncle who seems to have lived a storied life. These are people who have traveled extensively and know skills that you only wish you knew, such as changing a tire, riding a horse, or speaking a new language. Aunts and uncles can help teach these valuable skills.

Observing National Aunt and Uncle’s Day

This day can be observed simply by taking a few moments to try and reconnect with aunts and uncles with whom you may have fallen out of contact. It’s also a good day to reconnect with those aunts and uncles who have played a meaningful role in your life.

If it’s impossible to reconnect with these extended family members, you can always use the hashtag #AuntAndUnclesDay on your social media posts to give a shoutout to them.

When is it?
This year (2024)
July 26 Friday
Next year (2025)
July 26 Saturday
Last year (2023)
July 26 Wednesday
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