National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonist Day is a holiday observed annually on May 5th. It’s a day that pays homage to the cartoonists of the past who have created classic comic strips, as well as the cartoonists of the present who are working hard to create the comic strips we now enjoy.

Although some people regard comic strips as merely idle distractions, they are actually an extremely important medium that not only entertains us but also tells stories that are significant. That’s why everyone should take the time to observe this holiday and pay homage to the cartoonists who create great works of art in only three or four panels.

The History of National Cartoonist Day

This holiday was created in 1990 by the National Cartoonists Society to pay homage to the people doing the hard work of cartooning. It was also conceived as a day on which people could honor the cartoonists of the past.

Neat Facts About Comic Strips

Let’s take a few moments and talk about comic strips. Everyone feels like they know everything there is to know about comic strips because these comics have been a part of their lives for years. So we decided to try and come up with some facts about comics that people might not know about.

  • Garry Trudeau won a Pulitzer for Doonesbury.
  • The oldest comic strip ever is Katzenjammer Kids.
  • Charles Schulz didn’t like the name Peanuts.
  • There is a Popeye statue in Alma, Arkansas. This town calls itself the spinach capital of the world.
  • Chester, Illinois is known as the “Home of Popeye.”
  • As of 2021, there is a character trail in Chester, Illinois that features 17 monuments of Popeye characters.

Observing National Cartoonist Day

On this day, people are encouraged to honor the great cartoonists of the past and present. It’s also a day on which cartoonists are encouraged to share their work with the world. This can easily be done using social media and the hashtag #NationalCartoonistDay.

When is it?
This year (2024)
May 5 Sunday
Next year (2025)
May 5 Monday
Last year (2023)
May 5 Friday
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