May 5 holidays in 2022

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Cinco de Mayo
United states Observance
National Astronaut Day
- Weird
National Cartoonists Day
- Weird
National Silence the Shame Day
- Weird
National Totally Chipotle Day
- Weird
National Hoagie Day
- Weird
National Day of Reason
- Weird
World Password Day
- Weird
National Day of Prayer
United states Observance
Yom HaAtzmaut
Multiple [Show] Jewish Holiday
Battle of Puebla
Mexico Common Local Holiday
Yom Ha'atzmaut
United states Jewish Holiday
Arrival Day
Guyana Public Holiday
Senior Citizens Day
Palau Public Holiday
Eid al-Fitr
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Eid al-Fitr holiday
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day)
Israel National Holiday, Hebrew
Children's Day
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Constitution Day of the Kyrgyz Republic
Kyrgyzstan Public Holiday
Eid al-Fitr Holiday
Multiple [Show] Multiple Types
Ramadan Feast Day 2
Turkey National Holiday
Eid ul Fitr Day Three
Maldives Public Holiday
Liberation Day
Multiple [Show] Observance
Europe Day
Germany Observance
Eid el Fitr Day 3
Egypt National Holiday
Freedom Day
Ethiopia Public Holiday

Historical Events on May 5

  • 1821: On Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, Emperor Napoleon dies in exile on this day.
  • 1835: A railway connecting Brussels and Mechelen is opened. It’s the first railway in continental Europe.
  • 1862: A French invasion at the Battle of Puebla in Mexico is halted by troops under Ignacio Zaragoza.
  • 1864: In Spotsylvania County, the Battle of the Wilderness begins during the American Civil War.
  • 1865: The Confederate government is dissolved at Washington, Georgia during the American Civil War.
  • 1866: The first celebration of Memorial Day is celebrated in the U.S at Waterloo, New York.
  • 1877: Sitting Bull leads members of the Lakota tribe into Canada to avoid Colonel Nelson Miles and U.S Army Forces.
  • 1886: During the Bay View Massacre, militia forces fire into a crowd of protesters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 7 people are killed during the incident.
  • 1891: The music hall that would eventually be known as Carnegie Hall is opened for the first time.
  • 1944: Over 200 civilians are executed in Kleisoura, Greece by German forces.
  • 1945: 6 people are killed after a Japanese fire balloon explodes around Bly, Oregon.
  • 1946: 28 Japanese military and government officials are accused of “Crimes against humanity” and “War crimes” as the International Military Tribunal for the Far East starts in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1955: West Germany becomes a sovereign state.
  • 1973: The race horse Secretariat wins the 1973 Kentucky Derby.

Famous Birthdays on May 5

  • German philosopher and sociologist, Karl Marx is born in 1818.
  • American businessman and founder of the Stetson Company, John Batterson Stetson is born in 1830.
  • Polish journalist, author and Nobel Prize laureate, Henryk Sienkiewicz is born in 1846.
  • American physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, Arthur Leonard Schawlow is born in 1921.
  • American actor Lance Henriksen is born in 1940.
  • American singer-songwriter Tammy Wynette is born in 1942.
  • English actor and screenwriter, Michael Palin is born in 1943.

Father’s Day

Summer Solstice

VJ Day

Friday the 13th

Sweetest Day



Cyber Monday