Kyrgyzstan Holidays in 2022

Holiday date Holiday name Holiday Type
Sat, January 1 New Year Public Holiday
Fri, January 7 Orthodox Christmas Day Public Holiday
Wed, February 23 Defender of the Fatherland Day Public Holiday
Tue, March 8 International Women's Day Public Holiday
Sun, March 20 March Equinox Season
Mon, March 21 National Holiday "Nooruz" Public Holiday
Sun, May 1 May Day Public Holiday
Tue, May 3 Orozo Ait Public Holiday
Thu, May 5 Constitution Day of the Kyrgyz Republic Public Holiday
Mon, May 9 Victory Day Public Holiday
Tue, June 21 June Solstice Season
Sun, July 10 Kurman Ait National Holiday
Wed, August 31 Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic Public Holiday
Fri, September 23 September equinox Season
Mon, November 7 Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution Public Holiday
Thu, December 22 December Solstice Season


Chinese New Year


Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Arbor Day

Memorial Day