National Chewing Gum Day

National Chewing Gum Day is a holiday that is observed annually on September 30th each year. Chewing gum is made from a gum base, flavors, colors, and some kind of sweetener—either natural or artificial. Chewing gum is a popular way for people to freshen their breath, give themselves something to do when they’re stressed, or simply pass the time.

All of these are reasons enough for us to recommend that people observe this holiday and chew their favorite type of chewing gum on this day.

The History of Chewing Gum

Many anthropologists believe that chewing gum probably developed through a convergent evolutionary cultural process because this practice has occurred throughout history in different cultures at the same time. It’s believed that chewing gum goes back approximately 12,000 years to the Neolithic Period.

In fact, researchers have uncovered a sort of chewing gum made from birch bark tar in Kierikki, Finland, that’s approximately 6,000 years old. They knew it was chewed because tooth imprints could still be found in it.

Although various types of chewing gum can be found around the world using either spruce tree sap, birch bark tar, or other substances, chewing gum wasn’t commercially produced until 1848. This is when John B. Curtis developed and marketed the first commercial chewing gum.

This gum was called The State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum. Just two years later, people began to make gum from paraffin wax, and this sort of gum became more popular than spruce gum. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Facts About Chewing Gum

If you want some tasty facts about chewing gum, then allow us to entertain you with some. During the course of our research on National Chewing Gum Day, we came across the following facts about chewing gum, facts that we think everyone can use on this holiday.

  • Bubble Gum Day is celebrated on the first Friday in February.
  • Chewing gum burns approximately 11 calories per hour.
  • The gum base can’t be digested, so it takes several days for it to be passed through your system if swallowed.
  • Gum sales dramatically rose during Prohibition as people needed something to mask the alcohol on their breath.
  • The first bubble gum was colored pink because that was the only color available to the manufacturers.
  • Chewing gum while cutting onions can keep you from crying.
  • Swallowed chewing gum won’t clog up a person’s intestines.
  • Studies have shown that chewing gum can help a person concentrate.
  • Chewing gum while flying can help prevent your ears from “popping” due to changes in air pressure.
  • Chewing gum can be removed from hair by using peanut butter.
  • Chewing gum can also reduce the amount of heartburn you experience after a meal.
  • Blibber-Blubber was the first bubble gum formulation. It was developed in 1906.

Observing National Chewing Gum Day

If you want to observe this holiday, then run out to your local grocery store and purchase some chewing gum. Remember, it’s National Chewing Gum Day, so purchase chewing gum and not bubble gum. Once you do that, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalChewingGumDay on social media to share this holiday with everyone.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 30 Monday
Next year (2025)
September 30 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
September 30 Saturday
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