National Cook For Your Pets Day

National Cook For Your Pet Day is a holiday that encourages people to put prepackaged, processed pet food away and to make something wholesome for their pets for the day. This is a holiday that’s observed annually on November 1st and can be observed by any pet owner and not just people who own cats or dogs. So no matter what type of pet you own, make sure to feed them some wholesome home-cooked food on this holiday.

The History Of National Cook For Your Pet Day

Unfortunately, we were unable to uncover who invented this holiday, when they invented it or why they invented it. We can assume that it was created by someone who wants people to think more seriously about the foods that they are feeding their pets. We can also assume that this holiday was created sometime within the last 5-10 years. All that remains is finding out who invented this holiday, but we don’t think that’s very important. What’s important is we take time out of our busy schedules and consider the dietary needs of our pets.

Amazing Facts About Pets

Anyone searching for some cool and amazing facts about cats, dogs, and exotic pets has come to the right place. That’s because we’ve done the research and have found some facts about domesticated animals that we think everyone celebrating National Cook For Your Pet Day will appreciate.

  • A garter snake can give birth to over 80+ baby snakes at a time.
  • Every bird has to eat half their own weight in food to stay alive.
  • Parrots and macaws can live for over 7-decades. So can cockatoos.
  • A resting bird’s heart rate can be up to 400 beats per minute.
  • Some hamsters can’t blink both eyes at the same time.
  • A cat’s tongue contains papillae that can hold prey in place and also strip the meat from bones.
  • The nose pad of every cat is unique. Much in the same way as a human’s fingerprints are unique.
  • Dogs produce ten vocal sounds, cats can produce over one hundred.
  • An adult cat can run up to 12 MPH. They can sprint up to 30 MPH.
  • Cats aren’t equipped with sweat glands.
  • Dogs sweat from the bottom of their feet. They discharge heat by panting.
  • Dogs don’t have an appendix.
  • A cat has more than 230 bones, while a human only has 206.
  • A cat can jump seven times its own height.
  • There are over 350+ dog breeds around the world.

Observing National Cook For Your Pet Day

To observe this holiday, all you need to do is to prepare your pet’s meals for the day. However, this isn’t as easy as it may sound. That’s because you shouldn’t just feed your pet human food from your table. No, you’re going to have to make food for your pet that’s appropriate, and that means finding out the right way and the wrong way to make pet food. Once you’ve done that, you can then make the appropriate food for your pet.

When is it?
This year (2023)
November 1 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
November 1 Friday
Last year (2022)
November 1 Tuesday
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