National Corned Beef Hash Day

It might sound corny (ahem), but some iconic foods deserve to have a recognized day in their name. When it comes to old-school foods, few are as iconic as the recipient of National Corned Beef Hash Day. Popular during World War II, and with excellent use of leftovers, the fridge will be happy, and so will the family.

Although many people are no longer trying to make the food they do have go further, this is still a great way to reduce waste, and on September 27th, we can all celebrate National Corned Beef Hash Day.

The History of National Corned Beef Hash Day

It doesn’t have to be an era of rations to not want to waste food, and corned beef hash can be delicious. It is also something a little spontaneous, in that leftovers are combined with herbs, spices, and whatever else we want to throw into the mix.

For many, it is an iconic American dish, and although it doesn’t have the same appeal to some who turn their nose up at it, this is a comforting dish for many. Some say its origins trace back to New England, where it puts the leftovers of a roast beef dinner to good use.

It is also a common dish around the holidays, with Christmas Day and Thanksgiving being two occasions where it would not be unusual to find it on the table. Around 1950 is the time when we first started to see corned beef hash appear.

This was when the expensive cuts of meat were a bit more out of reach financially, and the large food processing brand, The Hormel Company, claims that they introduced the ingredient to the US around this time. Still, there were plenty of recipes available in cookbooks before this, so it is possible that they commercialized the dish or made it widely available but didn’t necessarily invent it.

The origins of the day itself are hard to trace, but because it is a bit of fun, it’s easy to forgive a little mystery.

How to Observe National Corned Beef Hash Day

As with any food-dedicated day of the year, the best way to observe is to cook it. There are plenty of inventive recipes, but that is part of the fun of making the dish anyway. You don’t have to be strict, and it can be made for breakfast, lunch, or supper, so there is always a good time to make it.

If you want to stay true to the origins, use whatever you have left around and keep adding until you are happy with the flavor. Because of their popularity, recipes are abundant online, but most people have their own special way of making them.

Ask your parents how they make it and get involved. Use the hashtag #NationalCornedBeefHashDay. Tag your masterpiece and see how everyone else is planning to observe the day; you never know, it might unlock some fun ingredients to add next time and give inspiration.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 27 Friday
Next year (2025)
September 27 Saturday
Last year (2023)
September 27 Wednesday
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