National Day of Encouragement

National Day of Encouragement is a holiday that falls on September 12th annually and has been celebrated since 2007. It’s an observance day designed to show people that encouragement matters in people’s lives—especially young students.

Encouragement is a way to lift people up when they feel down, to motivate them to reach beyond their dreams, and to help remind them that no one would be successful unless they kept trying.

The History of National Day of Encouragement

This day was officially started by Searcy, Arkansas, Mayor Belinda LaForce when she made the first proclamation for a Day of Encouragement for her town. This observance day was founded on August 22, 2007, and was meant as a day to encourage students to strive for excellence.

It was then picked up by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, and he signed a proclamation that made September 12, 2007, the State Day of Encouragement for Arkansas. George W. Bush would later make a proclamation that would designate September 12th as a National Day of Encouragement for citizens of the U.S. It’s been celebrated by people all over the country ever since.

Facts About the Power of Encouragement

Although people might not give it the thought it deserves, encouragement is a powerful force that can be used for good in everyone’s life. To illustrate our point, we’ve listed some of the more interesting facts about what giving encouragement can do and the power it has.

Children Who Receive Regular Encouragement Get Better Grades

Study after study has shown that students who receive regular encouragement get better grades than students who are regularly criticized. It has also been shown that a child’s self-worth can be positively shaped by regular encouragement.

Employees Respond Better to Encouragement Than Criticism

Other studies have shown that employees are more productive and more likely to come to work when they receive encouragement from their employers. On the other hand, employees who were regularly criticized or chastised at work were more likely to call in sick and more likely to be less productive.

Observing the National Day of Encouragement

The very best way to celebrate this day is to offer encouragement to the people who need it. Not only children but people of all ages. It doesn’t matter if they’re students, employees, coworkers, or family; everyone can use a little bit of encouragement, so why not use this day as a reminder of the importance of encouragement?

People can also use the hashtag #NationalDayOfEncouragement on social media accounts. Just remember, if you use this hashtag, be sure to offer a piece of encouragement with it. After all, encouragement is something that all of us could use more of in our lives.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 12 Thursday
Next year (2025)
September 12 Friday
Last year (2023)
September 12 Tuesday
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