National Food Day

After learning about National Food Day, some people might wonder why it’s necessary when there are so many specific food days such as National Pancake Day or National Cake Day. However, it should be stated that this day is specifically dedicated to promoting natural foods and suggests that people cut back on factory-farmed meats, sugary drinks, and over-processed foods. On this day, which falls on October 24th, everyone is encouraged to think more about the types of foods they’re putting into their bodies.

The History of National Food Day

National Food Day can be traced back to 1975, and it was first started by The Center For Science In The Public Interest—otherwise known as CSPI. This organization wanted to bring attention to the importance of eating healthier and more sustainable foods and hopefully help inform the public of better food policies.

The Purpose Of National Food Day

National Food Day isn’t just a holiday to help people recognize the importance of putting high-quality and more nutritious foods into their diets. It’s also a holiday that’s dedicated to educating people and getting them thinking about a wide range of food-related issues. Issues that include the importance of farm animal welfare, improved nutritional food labels, farm and food service rights, decreasing the use of antibiotics in farm animals, and improving funding for programs that deal with hunger such as SNAP.

Ironically, October 24th also happens to be World Tripe Day and National Bologna Day in the United States. So consumers have a definite choice as to whether they’re going to celebrate processed meats or celebrate National Food Day and try for a healthier lifestyle.

How To Celebrate National Food Day

Anyone wanting to celebrate National Food Day can do so in a number of ways. The most primary and most beneficial way for a person to celebrate this day is by thinking about how they interact with food. People are encouraged to avoid over-processed, salt-filled foods, factory-farmed meats, and to avoid sugary drinks and foods. On this day, people should opt for a healthier diet including eating meat that has been sustainably raised, and whole fruits and vegetables.

Someone looking to spread the word about National Food Day, and maybe help their friends and family make better dietary choices, can use the hashtag #NationalFoodDay on their social media accounts. There are usually several events and community festivals that take place on this day, as well as plenty of school activities centered around healthy food.

People are also encouraged to get in contact with their government representatives and advocate for better food labeling, for a safer food supply system, and for funding programs that deal with the millions of Americans who are food insecure or go hungry every day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 24 Thursday
Next year (2025)
October 24 Friday
Last year (2023)
October 24 Tuesday
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