National Love People Day

Unconditional love can be a powerful thing that can inspire and lift people up. That’s why people write books about it, write poems about it, and have now created a whole day dedicated to it. This day, known as National Love People Day, falls on September 30th every year and is designed to help people explore unconditional love in their lives.

This is a good day to support the people in your community who need it the most, offer kind words to your neighbors, and embrace the spirit of love in everything that they do.

The History Of Love People Day

Love People Day is a holiday that was created by Lifeline Church—a church based out of Chicago, Illinois. They created the day in 2017 to help bring people together and to inspire the spirit of unconditional love. It’s a day that encourages every business, community, church, and person in the U.S. to join together and celebrate unconditional love.

Interesting Facts About Love

Looking for some reasons to spread some unconditional love—if you are, then you might want to read some of the facts about love that we’ve listed below.

Hugging Your Partner Relieves Stress

Looking for an instant stress reliever? If you are, then you might want to consider giving your partner a heartfelt hug. Studies have shown that hugging your partner can reduce stress levels by up to 30%, so if you feel stressed, then give it a try.

Married People Have Fewer Heart Problems

Maybe there is a correlation between the heart and love. Several studies have shown that married individuals up to 50 years of age were 12% less likely to develop vascular diseases as compared to single or divorced individuals.

Being In Love Reduces The Frequency Of Headaches

To study the effects of oxytocin—a chemical compound that’s created in the human brain and often called the “love hormone,” Stanford University School Of Medicine gave a dose of oxytocin to subjects who suffered from headaches transnasally to study the effects of the drug.

50% of the participants noted less headache pain for four hours and 27% of participants noted no pain during the same 4 hours. This might just be a good argument for people with chronic migraines to engage in more activities that release oxytocin such as hugging or cuddling.

Celebrating & Observing Love People Day

The first thing that’s recommended for anyone looking to celebrate this day is for them to take part in giving some unconditional love to friends, family, and members of the community.

This might mean giving someone an unexpected gift, volunteering in the community, or doing some other good deed. People can also use the hashtag @NationalLOVEPeopleDay on social media sites.

When is it?
This year (2023)
September 30 Saturday
Next year (2024)
September 30 Monday
Last year (2022)
September 30 Friday
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