National Pawnbrokers Day

Observed annually on December 6th, National Pawnbrokers Day is a holiday that honors the people who lend money on items that are pawned at their store. The way pawnbrokers work is pretty simple. People bring valuable items that the pawnbroker will then loan them an amount of money on.

The customer will then have the option of either paying back the original amount lent, or letting the pawnbroker sell the item for a profit. Although not everyone views pawnbrokers in a favorable light, they do serve a valuable service to the communities in which they operate. They allow people with limited means to use pawn personal possessions to get the cash they need when they need it.

Interesting Facts About Pawnbrokers

Below are some interesting facts about pawnbrokers that we feel everyone will find interesting. Even though most people are familiar with pawnbrokers, they don’t know all that much about them. Hopefully, the following facts will change that fact.

  • During the late 19th century, there were more pawnbrokers in Britain than public houses.
  • Over 80% of loads from pawnbrokers are redeemed.
  • Two-thirds of customers are loyal to one pawnbroker.
  • Pawnbroking is one of the oldest forms of lending in the world. It goes back over 3,000 years.

Observing National Pawnbrokers Day

People wishing to celebrate this holiday can do so by taking a few moments to learn more about pawnbrokers and the services they perform. People can also take the time to give their local pawnbroker a gift of some kind.

And if all of that isn’t enough, people can also take a few moments to shop at their local pawnbroker. After all, they do tend to have some great deals.

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 6 Wednesday
Next year (2024)
December 6 Friday
Last year (2022)
December 6 Tuesday
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