Care For Your Grandparents Month

In many countries around the world, it’s common for people to take good care of their extended family — especially the elders in their family. Many times, the elders will live right in the home with the rest of the family, and this is true in most Asian cultures. That’s less true in Western cultures.

In the U.S., approximately 18% of seniors between the ages of 65 to 74 live in nursing homes or assisted care facilities. Fortunately, there’s a movement that hopes to change that and many people are seeing the benefits of taking care of their elderly parents and grandparents themselves.

An awareness month that’s devoted to the care of grandparents has even been introduced. This awareness month is known as Care for Your Grandparents Month and it’s observed during the month of June. This is the perfect month for people to reconnect with their grandparents and put effort into caring for their social and emotional needs.

The History Of Care For Your Grandparents Month

Even though we searched the Internet far and wide, we couldn’t discover who invented Care for Your Grandparents Month. We’re not even entirely sure what the original intention behind the month was, although the name does provide a pretty big hint.

The information that we did find on this awareness month is only a few years old, so we believe that this holiday has only been around for a few years now. If anyone has information on the origins of this day, we would appreciate it if they dropped a line.

Observing Care For Your Grandparents Month

There are multitudes of different ways that a person can observe this holiday. They can take the time to connect with their grandparents by listening to their stories or by going through old photo albums.

This is not only good for the emotional and social needs of the person’s grandparents, but it also is good for them as well. After all, they can learn a lot of history about the world just by having a conversation with their grandparents. People can also cook, knit, or watch television with their grandparents.

And for everyone wanting to spread the word about this holiday, they can do so by not only telling friends and family members about it but also by using the hashtag #CareForYourGrandparentsDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2023)
June 1 Thursday
Next year (2024)
June 1 Saturday
Last year (2022)
June 1 Wednesday
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