National Read In The Bathtub Day

There are few things better than reading a good book while enjoying a nice warm bath. Somehow, those two things just go so well together. It’s such an iconic combination that even writers such as Stephen King have admitted to combining the two activities. We know that we certainly have, and we assume that there are probably a lot of people just like us.

Why do we make that assumption? Only because someone has gone ahead and created the holiday National Read in the Bathtub Day. This holiday is observed on the 9th day of February and encourages everyone to read and take a bath, if only for this day.

The History Of National Read In The Bathtub Day

We’re not going to pretend that reading in the bath is something new. It’s been around as long as there have been both baths and books. Some people may have even read way back in the baths of Ancient Rome.

We just don’t know. Another thing that we don’t know is when National Read in the Bathtub Day was invented. We know this holiday has been around for at least five years, but we’re unsure of when it was created or who created it.

Some Important Facts About Bathtubs

Since hanging out in the tub reading is the whole basis of this holiday, we thought we’d give our readers some bathtub-related facts. So, in observance of National Read in the Bathtub Day, allow us to introduce the following facts to everyone.

  • In Arizona, it’s illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs.
  • According to pop culture legend, Marilyn Monroe used to bathe in champagne to relax.
  • Every year, about 365 people drown in their bathtubs.
  • One of the oldest bathtubs ever discovered was found in the ruins of the palace of Knossos on Crete.
  • In 27 B.C., the first large public Roman bath was built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa.

Observing National Read In The Bathtub Day

Everyone can use this holiday to read in the bathtub. Of course, we don’t recommend spending the entire day soaking in a tub; after all, you’ll just end up pruning. Approximately 30-60 minutes is long enough to enjoy a hot soak and a good book. Trust us.

We recommend getting a tray or something that can hold the book so that it doesn’t get wet and maybe is also designed to hold a drink and a snack. Anyone reading eBooks on their phone or tablet should also take the necessary precautions to prevent it from getting wet. Everyone soaking in their tub can let us all know they’re celebrating by using the hashtag #ReadInTheBathtubDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 9 Friday
Next year (2025)
February 9 Sunday
Last year (2023)
February 9 Thursday
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