National School Breakfast Week

National School Breakfast Week occurs during the first full week of March and is designed not only to celebrate school breakfast programs but also to underline the importance of these programs.

School breakfast programs fuel up kids so they can have a more productive day of education. Many students who receive school breakfasts would otherwise go to school hungry if it weren’t for the program.

That would be disastrous because study after study has shown that when children are fed a nutritious breakfast, they have higher reading and math scores, score higher on standardized tests, have better memory retention, concentrate better, and are more alert in class. All these things are needed for children to reach their academic potential.

The History of National School Breakfast Week

This program was initially launched in 1989 to educate the public about the School Breakfast Program and to emphasize its importance. Since its founding, this week has also highlighted the importance of school breakfasts to children and how it impacts their learning.

Facts About School Breakfasts

Below are some simple facts about school breakfasts that highlight their importance and why these programs need to be protected across the United States.

  • Children who attend class hungry are more likely to have discipline problems.
  • Hungry teens are more likely to be suspended from school.
  • Children who eat breakfast visit the nurse’s office less often than children who don’t.
  • School breakfasts help to build lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • On average, students who eat breakfast score one full letter grade better than students who don’t.

Observing National School Breakfast Week

This is an important week for everyone in the community to participate in. It all starts with people recognizing the importance of this program and how relatively small amounts of tax dollars used to feed children can yield amazing results.

It’s important for everyone to become ambassadors for the program and help educate their fellow citizens about its importance. This can be done simply by talking to people, by using local media, or by using the hashtag #NationalSchoolBreakfastWeek on social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
March 4 Monday
Next year (2025)
March 3 Monday
Last year (2023)
March 6 Monday
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