National Situational Awareness Day

Any day of the year dedicated to safety should be given the respect it deserves. This is the case on September 26, National Situational Awareness Day. It is more than being aware of what is around you; there is an element of self-defense to it.

Sure, we can all be more mindful when crossing the road, especially with the distraction of a phone, but this day means being aware of potential dangers, as well as the world.

What Is National Situational Awareness Day?

There was a time when our senses were heightened, when our survival skills would have been at their peak. Imagine stalking a deer for your sustenance for the day, but having to be aware of the danger of becoming something else’s food. That was when humans really had to be aware of their situation and surroundings.

The history behind situational awareness can be traced back to World War One. This is when the German flying ace Oswald Boelcke came up with the concept of being aware of your enemy before your enemy gained awareness. This was one of the reasons he was considered the father of air fighting tactics.

Today, many believe that having situational awareness is an essential skill and one that keeps us alive every day. The day itself can be traced back to 2015. It was submitted for approval as a recognized day of the year by Pretty Loaded LLC. They are an enterprise that specializes in situational awareness and self-defense, so their focus is on keeping people safe.

The day itself became attached to September 26th, as it is the birthday of one of their inspirations, Dru Sjodin. They specialize in tactics such as pre-attack awareness, which involves spotting the signs of impending danger. They offer training courses that involve tactics such as using body language to repel an attacker but also how to avoid violence altogether.

How To Observe National Situational Awareness Day

A common way to observe the day is to actively seek a course that specializes in situational awareness. This could be vital in keeping you or a friend safe one day, and although it is never nice to consider the worst, it is always best to prepare for it. Self-defense classes are good for this, and there are usually plenty of options out there.

Otherwise, reading articles on situational awareness can help. Finding out what the signs are of a potential attack or a criminal approaching can go a long way toward helping someone evade a potential threat.

Then, there is social media. Spreading the word can help others to consider their environment; it may even stop someone from walking through a dark alley at night or putting themselves in the way of danger. Use the hashtag #NationalSituationalAwarenessDay and see how others observe the day.

This in itself can provide useful tips, and anyone with advice will be sharing it. So, encourage others to be more aware of their surroundings, take a little caution when necessary, and stay safe at all times, not just on National Situational Awareness Day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 26 Thursday
Next year (2025)
September 26 Friday
Last year (2023)
September 26 Tuesday
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