Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day, also known as Singles Appreciation Day, is a holiday in which single people can celebrate their “singleness”. It is a push-back against what many people feel is a commercialized holiday, Valentine’s Day, in which a lot of pressure is placed on people to not only find a mate but also to buy the perfect gift – which usually involves flowers or jewelry. This day is usually celebrated on February 15th each year, but some people choose to celebrate it on February 14th instead as sort of an anti-Valentine’s Day protest.

History of Singles Awareness Day

While our research can’t identify exactly who invented this holiday, it is known that it is a holiday which has been celebrated since around 2005. It was probably started by someone who was single at the time and wanted to take a stand against the commercialized holiday of St. Valentine’s Day.

Singles Awareness Day Customs & Traditions

Singles Awareness Day is a holiday in which each person can feel free to celebrate it in the way they choose. Some people may choose to spend the day with their other single friends – to go out to dinner with them or exchange gifts. Other people may want to treat themselves by buying themselves something nice – whether this is jewelry, candy or flowers. Still, other people may want to head out to the club or to a party, socializing with their friends or maybe even with complete strangers.

The final way people celebrated Singles Awareness Day (SAD) is by just spending some time alone with themselves and use it as a day for self-improvement or self-analysis. However, you want to celebrate this holiday is completely up to you and there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. Just enjoy yourself.

Where is Singles Awareness Day celebrated?

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