Toy Soldier Day

Toy Soldier Day is a holiday that’s observed annually on or around March 4th. The name of this holiday might suggest it’s a day for only collecting and playing with 25 mm and 54 mm plastic and metal toy soldiers that are used for war games and other creative uses.

However, it’s actually a holiday that’s dedicated to celebrating the founding of Toy Soldiers Unite and the Army of Toy Soldiers. It’s also a day when people engage in some role-playing fun. People can get together with friends and family members to plan an invasion at the local theme park, or spend some time buying new toys.

The History of Toy Soldier Day

This holiday was founded by the fan club of Doctor Steel called Toy Soldiers. It’s an L.A.-based street performance artist and musician group who serve as Scouts, Engineers, and Nurses & Medica. They gather every year on or around March 4th to celebrate the day that the TSU (Toy Soldiers Unite) was founded.

This day was formed to unite fans of various role-playing activities and to get people to share ideas and collaborate with one another. The TSU was founded by Dr. Steel, who began his career as a musician and street performer.

He became famous during the early days of the World Wide Web and created shows that featured video projections and puppets to help his audience understand his songs. The stage persona of Dr. Steel is that of a mad scientist determined to take over the world, which is why he needed the Army of Toy Soldiers.

His “army” is made up of nurses, scouts, toy soldiers, and engineers who promote the good doctor’s philosophy—a philosophy of subjective reality, transhumanism, and freedom of thought. His army’s “invasions” include doing toy drives for charity, gathering friends and family for playful expeditions, and doing charity work.

Observing Toy Soldier Day

This is a day to have some fun. And by fun, we mean whatever a person decides they want to do on this day. Some people might want to take a walk down memory lane and check out the videos of Dr. Steel. Others might want to form “divisions” to do “invasions” of charity work or trips to their local park.

Others might just want to buy and/or paint toy soldiers on this day. No matter what a person decides to do on this day, they should take the time to use the hashtag #ToySoldiersDay to spread the word about this holiday across all social media.

When is it?
This year (2024)
March 4 Monday
Next year (2025)
March 4 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
March 4 Saturday
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