World Egg Day

World Egg Day is observed on the second Friday in October and it’s a holiday that celebrates the egg in all of its forms. Eggs are not only extremely nutritious but they are also extremely easy to cook. They can be fried, poached, boiled, and used in any number of different recipes.

In fact, they’re an essential ingredient in many desserts and baked goods as well. It’s for this reason that this holiday has become such an important day of the year. Without eggs, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy many of the dishes that we enjoy nowadays. So, let’s all come together and celebrate the humble egg.

The History Of World Egg Day

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? While we’re not able to address that philosophical question, we can address the question of where World Egg Day came from. According to our research, this holiday was first created in 1966 at the IEC Conference. Now that we know where this holiday came from, we can move on to some important egg-centric trivia.

Important Facts About Eggs

Let’s explore some important facts about eggs that we think everyone should appreciate. We think the following facts will prove to be quite educational to everyone reading this article. Let’s dig into them below.

  • The white part of an egg has 3.6 grams of protein, and the egg yolk has about 2.7 grams of protein.
  • The use of hormones in poultry production was banned during the 1950s. Therefore, all eggs are hormone-free.
  • Younger chickens lay eggs with thicker shells than older hens.
  • The color of an egg’s shell tells nothing about the nutritional value of the egg.
  • Chickens with white earlobes generally lay white eggs, and chickens with brown earlobes lay brown eggs.

Observing World Egg Day

How should eggs be served on this day? Should they be made into an omelet, baked into a cake, or simply enjoyed as a garnish to a salad? We can’t answer those questions, but we can say that this is the day for people to find out how they like their eggs cooked. And once they’ve selected the style of eggs, they should share it with the rest of us using the hashtag #WorldEggDay on social media.

Where is World Egg Day celebrated?

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