World Kiwanis Week

Kiwanis International is a collection of members, partners, and clubs dedicated to improving children’s lives around the world. Currently, there are over half a million members in 80 different countries. Because every community in which they serve is different, the jobs they perform and the needs they address vary in each one.

Every year, this organization hosts over 150,000 service projects for children. To celebrate the work they do and to help them organize fundraisers for their various projects, World Kiwanis Week was created. This week begins on January 21st and continues through January 26th.

The History of World Kiwanis Week

On January 21st, 1915, the first official meeting of the Kiwanis took place in Detroit, Michigan. At the time, the organization referred to itself as the Supreme Lodge Benevolent Order Brothers. It was organized to allow community leaders to do service projects for the good of everyone. By the 1920s, Kiwanis had over 800 clubs and almost 70,000 members.

Today, the Kiwanis have over half a million members and operate in 80 different countries. They are capable of hosting over 150,000 service projects a year, and their headquarters can be found in Indianapolis, Indiana. The organization created this week to spread the word about its service projects and to encourage other people to get involved.

Observing World Kiwanis Week

This holiday can be easily observed by just about anyone by taking the time to find a local Kiwanis International Club and help with their mission. It’s a good week for people to sign up to participate in one of their clubs. If a community doesn’t have a Kiwanis Club for a person to volunteer at, they can also donate money to the organization.

If that isn’t possible, then volunteering for any organization that helps children will serve the same goal. It would also be nice if people spread the word about this week and the Kiwanis Organization in general by using the hashtag #WorldKiwanisWeek. We all can come together and help this organization fulfill its mission of helping children, not just during this week but all year long.

When is it?
This year (2024)
January 21 Sunday
Next year (2025)
January 21 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
January 21 Saturday
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