World No Tobacco Day

Observed all over the world on May 31st, World No Tobacco Day is a day when people are encourage to abstain from all tobacco products for a period of 24 hours. The purpose of this day is to not only encourage people to quit using cigarettes and other tobacco products, but also to raise awareness about the health related problems associated with using tobacco.


This day was officially established in 1988 by the World Health Assembly. On April 7th of that year, they passed Resolution WHA40.38 which established the day for tobacco abstinence to be observed every year on May 31st.

Customs, Traditions And Observations

The World Health Organization encourages business, individuals and government agencies to organize events observing this day. As a result, there have been many marches, public art exhibits and parties thrown all over the world to raise the awareness of this observational day.

World No Tobacco Day is also used by government agencies as a launch date for enacting new tobacco control legislation. For instance, Australia initiated legislation that went into effect on this day in 2010 that made all government agencies and hospitals in that country smoke free.

While this day is fairly non-controversial to most people, it has met some resistance over the past few years. Many smokers and pro-tobacco advocates have publicly protested against this day because they feel it is an attack on their right to exercise freedom of choice.

Where is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?

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