Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day is a holiday that was designed to help show compassion to those people who are stuck having to use their bifocals to try and view their computers. It’s a day on which people are encouraged to be compassionate with their coworkers who have enough problems with their eyesight that they have to use bifocals at the monitor.

If you have family members or coworkers who have to wear bifocals while they attempt to look at their computer’s monitor, then be sure to show them some sympathy when this holiday rolls around on December 1st.

The History Of Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

This holiday was created by a website that’s known for creating wacky and quirky holidays, and this website is called They created this website so that people could be compassionate about their bifocal impaired coworkers. We’re not exactly sure when this holiday was created, but we do know that it’s been in existence for several years now.

Some Quick Facts About Bifocals

You didn’t expect us to talk about Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day without digging up some information about bifocals, did you? We just couldn’t resist finding out some quick facts about bifocals that we list below.

  • Bifocals handle not only distance but also close-up viewing.
  • Not all bifocals have a dividing line.
  • There are also bifocal contact lenses.
  • People’s vision changes all throughout their lives.

Observing Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

This is a holiday in which people are encouraged to be sympathetic towards the people who are busy trying to see their monitor while they’re wearing their bifocals. A lot of people have problems seeing their monitor as well as they should, and perhaps this holiday is the perfect day for them to go out and get their eyes checked.

Once they’ve done that, or you’ve given your sympathies to a coworker wearing these glasses, it’s time to use the hashtag #BifocalsAtTheMonitorLiberationDay to spread the word about this holiday around town.

When is it?
This year (2023)
December 1 Friday
Next year (2024)
December 1 Sunday
Last year (2022)
December 1 Thursday
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