Create A Great Funeral Day

Create a Great Funeral Day is a holiday observed annually on October 30th. As the name of this holiday suggests, it is a day when people are encouraged to give some thought to their funeral arrangements to ensure they create a memorable one.

We understand that most people do not like to think about their inevitable demise, but a bit of planning is necessary to ensure they receive the send-off they deserve. This holiday has been observed since the 1990s, although it is not as well-known as some other holidays.

The History of Create a Great Funeral Day

In 1988, Stephanie West Allen was overwhelmed by the planning of her husband’s funeral. She found it extremely difficult to organize the event while grappling with her profound grief.

Despite making it through the experience, she remembered it when her second husband was handling his mother’s funeral preparations. It was then that she decided more people should take time to plan their funerals so their relatives would not be burdened with the task.

She also wanted more people to discuss their funeral wishes with their loved ones. This is why she established Create a Great Funeral Day in 1999.

Important Facts About Funerals

We wanted to provide our readers with some information about funerals that they might find useful or, at the very least, entertaining. We have compiled the following list of facts that we believe many of our readers will appreciate. At least, that is our hope.

  • The term “funeral” was first used in the 14th century, believed to have been coined by Geoffrey Chaucer.
  • Humans have instinctively buried their dead since before recorded history.
  • Cremation is a process dating back to around 3,000 B.C., which is the Stone Age.
  • The tradition of wearing black at funerals can be traced back to ancient Rome.

Observing Create a Great Funeral Day

On this day, individuals are encouraged to converse with their family members to help plan their funerals or at least gather the necessary details to plan for them posthumously.

People can also take the time to arrange their own funerals to relieve their relatives of this burden. Additionally, individuals can spread awareness about this day using the hashtag #CreateAGreatFuneralDay to inspire others to prepare for their own or their family’s funerals.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 30 Wednesday
Next year (2025)
October 30 Thursday
Last year (2023)
October 30 Monday
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