Family Fun Month

For many people, August is the final month of summer. Sure, summer doesn’t officially end until September, but because many children have to go back to school and many people end their vacations and return to work, August has become the unofficial end of summer.

It’s everyone’s last chance to do something together as a family and have some fun. Fortunately, August is Family Fun Month, so everyone can get out there and do something enjoyable. This can be one last camping trip, a pizza party, or simply watching movies with friends and loved ones. No matter what people do during this month, they should make sure to involve their entire family.

The History of Family Fun Month

At this moment in time, we’re unsure who invented Family Fun Month or when it was first recognized. Was it a nationwide amusement park? A restaurant or some tourist location that created this month to drive sales?

We can’t say for certain. All that we know is that this month has been around for quite a few years and has encouraged thousands of families to go out there and have some summer fun.

Some Family-Friendly Fun Facts

Since we know some people are going to celebrate Family Fun Month with a trivia night, we thought we’d list some family-friendly factoids that can be used for that very purpose. Let’s take a quick look at them before moving on with the month of August.

  • No word in the dictionary rhymes with the word “orange.” Oh, except for “sporange” (an alternative form of a botanical term).
  • It’s been estimated that over half a million people have played Monopoly.
  • Every 2.5 seconds, a jar of Nutella is sold somewhere in the world.
  • It’s impossible for a kangaroo to walk backward.
  • A group of frogs is known as an army.
  • A group of gnats is known as a horde.
  • A group of goats is known as a tribe.
  • Hummingbirds can fly backward.
  • French fries originated in Belgium, not France.
  • The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the tallest monument in the National Park System, standing 630 feet tall.

Observing Family Fun Month

During Family Fun Month, people can literally do anything they want as a family. This means heading out to the pool, going to the zoo, visiting an amusement park, playing D&D, or engaging in just about any other activity that the family enjoys.

Everyone observing should make sure that they use the hashtag #FamilyFunMonth on social media while they’re celebrating this month to give everyone else ideas about some of the fun activities that can be done in August.

When is it?
This year (2024)
August 1 Thursday
Next year (2025)
August 1 Friday
Last year (2023)
August 1 Tuesday
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