National Play Monopoly Day

If there were an iconic board game to rule them all, it would be Monopoly. It is no surprise that it has its dedicated day of the year, which falls on November 19th. Almost everyone has a version or two, with special editions based on local areas, favorite TV shows, and even more obscure themes available. So, pick a favorite piece (we like the top hat), roll the dice, and stay out of Jail as we find out more about this fun day.

The History Of National Play Monopoly Day

From the brain of Elizabeth Magie, the game was first designed in 1903 and has gone on to be played by over 500 million people. The game, for those who may have just arrived from another planet, involves collecting as many properties as possible to build a monopoly of a portfolio.

When other players land on your spaces with hotels and houses, they must pay rent. The person who bankrupts all the other players wins. Along the way, there are various taxes and utilities to pay, so it is not as simple as making lots of money; there will be bills to pay!

It has been the cause of endless hours of fun, but watch out, things can get tense if you are playing with a bad loser. In America, it was published and manufactured by Parker Brothers, and in the UK, it was published by Waddingtons.

With so many editions of the popular game, it is hard to pick a favorite. Some like to play one themed on their favorite sports team, others will go for the digital edition. There is even an edition where the winner is the first person to lose all their money, so things can get pretty crazy.

How To Observe National Play Monopoly Day

Of course, the best way to observe this fun day is to play it. Someone you know will have a copy, so even if you do not, it is easy to get hold of a copy. Make a night of it. Everyone has different house rules, so be clear on these before getting started and trying to get the monopoly of the buildings.

Another fun way to get involved is to share the results and fun using the hashtag #NationalPlayMonopolyDay – this can also show what everyone else is doing. Why not write about the time your brother tipped the board up because he couldn’t stand losing, or how you are undefeated in ten games?

You don’t have to wait until November 19th to try this day on for size. Be prepared and order that special edition Game of Thrones version or the one themed around your town. We advise you to invite friends over with caution.

There is always the player who cannot play without cheating or one who throws a mini tantrum when the dice don’t land the way they want it to. Still, this is part of the fun, and that’s what this day is all about. So, why not brush up on a little knowledge of the popular game, and get ready to pass Go!

When is it?
This year (2024)
November 19 Tuesday
Next year (2025)
November 19 Wednesday
Last year (2023)
November 19 Sunday
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