World Homeless Day

Homelessness is an issue that affects every country in the world. It’s been estimated that approximately 100+ million people across the globe are homeless, and another 1.6 billion people are living in inadequate housing.

And this is a problem that just doesn’t affect the homeless. It also creates a ripple effect through communities that can impact the availability of resources, strain healthcare, and increase crime in the community.

That’s why every person in every community needs to be aware of the problem of homelessness and help with a solution to ending it. The way a person can begin doing this is by taking a few moments to observe World Homeless Day on the 10th of October each year.

The History Of World Homeless Day

This day was first created in 2010 to deal with the worldwide problem of homelessness. The concept of this day originally sprang from online discussions among aid workers for various countries, but it soon spread into a nationwide movement that aims to place people in contact with real-world solutions to homelessness.

Important Facts About Homelessness

Below are some facts that we uncovered while we were researching World Homeless Day. It’s our sincere hope that this holiday will help to focus people’s attention on the problem of homelessness and encourage them to act to solve the problem.

  • Over five football stadiums can be filled with all of the homeless in the U.S.
  • Every year, one in 30 children experiences homelessness.
  • Almost half of the homeless school-age children have a mental health problem.
  • More than half of homeless veterans have a physical or mental disability.
  • Thousands of people suffer homelessness each year due to domestic violence.
  • A homeless person has a lower lifespan than people who have homes.
  • Everyone can be at risk of being homeless, especially when community safety nets are removed.
  • 30% of the homeless population is composed of families with children.
  • Almost 40% of homeless people lack shelter.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic sent unemployment rates through the roof, which led to an increase in homelessness.

Observing World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day can be observed first and foremost by people taking the time to educate themselves on the subject. The second thing that people can do is volunteer their time at a local homeless shelter or donate money to an organization that helps homeless people. And people can also help by spreading the word about this day using the hashtag #WorldHomelessDay on social media.

When is it?
This year (2023)
October 10 Tuesday
Next year (2024)
October 10 Thursday
Last year (2022)
October 10 Monday
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