Feed The Birds Day

Every year, the 3rd of February is observed as Feed the Birds Day. Although most birds don’t need help with food during the summer months when they have access to a variety of different foods, it’s an entirely different situation near the end of winter.

By the time February rolls around, the food supplies of most birds are very low, and that’s why people are encouraged to help out their feathered friends on this day, as well as throughout the rest of February. Placing food out for birds is a way to give them a much-needed boost to get them through to spring.

The History of Feed the Birds Day

Even though we’re not entirely sure who invented this holiday, we do know when and why it was created. This holiday came onto the scene sometime around 1993-1994 and was created to give bird populations a fighting chance near the end of the winter months.

February is the last month before spring begins, and it’s also the hardest month for birds trying to find food. Most of the berry-bearing bushes that fruit in the winter months have been picked clean, as have most grass seeds and other sources of nutrition for birds.

Some High-Flying Facts About Birds

Since we’re on the subject of birds and are thinking about observing Feed the Birds Day, why don’t we take a few moments to lay down some facts that we know about these feathered creatures? We’ve created an entire list of bird facts below that we think just about every bird lover is going to appreciate. Let’s look at them!

    • There are over 18,000 bird species in the world.
    • All female birds lay eggs.
    • Every continent in the world is home to birds.
  • Flocking behavior helps birds protect themselves against predators, keeps them all focused on a particular flight path, or allows them to conserve energy while flying.

Observing Feed the Birds Day

Before people start feeding birds in observance of this holiday, we encourage them to think about whether they are going to be able to continue with their commitment. Once birds learn of a particular food source, they tend to rely on it, so it’s important that people only commit to feeding birds if they’re going to do it regularly.

With that said, feeding the birds in your area can be a great way for people to feel more connected to nature and for them to feel like they’re doing something worthwhile to help. Bird lovers are encouraged to spread the word about this holiday using the hashtag #FeedTheBirdsDay on their social media posts for the day.

When is it?
This year (2024)
February 3 Saturday
Next year (2025)
February 3 Monday
Last year (2023)
February 3 Friday