Greenpeace Day

A day as poignant as any other, Greenpeace Day falls on September 15th, the same day the organization began. You don’t need to be an active activist to appreciate the significance, and even small things can make you eco-conscious. Still, it is good to be aware of what Greenpeace Day entails and to educate future generations for a better tomorrow.

What Is Greenpeace Day?

It all started in 2011, and the day itself was founded by Gregor Robertson. Greenpeace itself was founded on September 15, 1971. It was conceived by a group of 17 activists who were protesting against nuclear testing off Alaska while in Vancouver. After a money-raising concert in the name of Greenpeace, the group took to a boat with the word Greenpeace on the side and headed for the nuclear test area, only to be turned around by the coast guard.

Still, an organization was born, and others started to take notice. Today, Greenpeace is a name that almost everyone recognizes for their environmental work, with many donating to the cause every year. Their work involves campaigning and raising awareness about different environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, overfishing, and much more.

The Greenpeace brand is recognized almost everywhere, and over 95% of their funding comes from individual donations. They promote peaceful change and the preservation of Mother Earth’s resources. With 2.8 million supporters worldwide, they are the biggest eco-organization in the world. One of their biggest achievements is their part in the banning of nuclear testing around the world. In 1996, their decades of campaigning against this finally came to fruition as nations around the world agreed to ban nuclear testing.

How To Observe Greenpeace Day?

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available, so no one is going to be short of inspiration. Making a positive change to the climate can mean something as simple as planting a tree. This is the type of activity that will be commonplace around the world on September 15.

Anyone who wishes to take their participation a little further can get involved with volunteer work. The Greenpeace website is always a good place to find out how to get involved on a local and wider scale.

Of course, September 15 is all about raising awareness of Greenpeace as well. This means using the hashtag #GreenpeaceDay or #NationalGreenpeaceDay. This is a good way of spreading the word, but also finding out what other people are doing to mark the occasion.

Some smaller-scale ideas can involve turning the lights off earlier to conserve energy or signing a petition that centers around climate change or deforestation.

Vancouver is always an interesting place on September 15, and if you are lucky enough to be there, activities include a festival as well as eco-friendly activities like tree planting. Watching documentaries is a simple way of educating yourself. Many raise awareness about key areas of different environmental causes, which can serve as a conversation starter to spread the word.

When is it?
This year (2024)
September 15 Sunday
Next year (2025)
September 15 Monday
Last year (2023)
September 15 Friday
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