Internal Autonomy Day

Internal Autonomy Day is a public holiday observed annually on June 29th in French Polynesia. This overseas collectivity of France consists of over 100 islands and atolls located in the Pacific, with Tahiti being the most popular among them. This holiday is primarily observed in Papeete, the capital situated on Tahiti.

The main way this holiday is celebrated is with concerts on Papeete’s waterfront, parades, and other forms of popular entertainment. This holiday has been observed for quite some time and has become a popular event on the islands.

The History of Internal Autonomy Day in French Polynesia

The first European visit to these islands occurred during the early 16th century with Ferdinand Magellan, but they were eventually visited by British, Dutch, and Spanish forces as well. In 1834, French Catholic missionaries arrived in Tahiti but were expelled. This led to not only the island of Tahiti but also the island of Tahuata being declared French Protectorates, a move made to allow Catholic missionaries to work on the islands.

On June 29, 1880, Tahiti’s King Pomare V gave France the right to sovereignty over the islands and their dependencies. This holiday commemorates the annexation of the Kingdom of Tahiti. It has been celebrated as a holiday ever since. However, it is mainly observed on the island of Tahiti, particularly in the capital of Papeete.

Observing Internal Autonomy Day in French Polynesia

This holiday is observed with colorful parades held in Papeete, concerts on the waterfront, and a variety of cultural celebrations. It is also celebrated with traditional Tahitian food such as Poisson Cru, Chevreffes, and Poulet Fafa.

It is also a day for people to spend time with friends they might not have seen for a while or with family members. And, as is always the case in the modern day, a hashtag should be used to spread the word to people who might not have heard about it. In this case, that hashtag would be #InternalAutonomyDay.

Where is it celebrated?
French Polynesia (Public holiday)
When is it?
This year (2024)
June 29 Saturday
Next year (2025)
June 29 Sunday
Last year (2023)
June 29 Thursday