International Animation Day

In some households, it might feel as though every day is International Animation Day. The number of cartoons available means we are often desensitized to the fact that these are works of art, and so much goes into every episode and film that we do not know about. So, on the 28th of October, we celebrate International Animation Day.

What Is International Animation Day?

To honor the birth of animation, the day was created by ASIFA. It dates back to 2002 and acknowledges all kinds of animation. Times have changed since the days of hand-drawn animation, but the genius behind it has always been the same. It takes a deep imagination to create characters and a lot of skill to bring them to life, no matter what era we are talking about.

For many, the Walt Disney animation Steamboat Willie is one of the most iconic animations since it was the first to feature synchronized sound accompanying the images. Mickey Mouse’s debut cartoon paved the way for the world’s most famous mouse to become an institution years later.

Nowadays, animated films are made using CGI, but these can take years to make. There is also stop motion, a painstakingly intricate craft of making the most minor movements to the characters before shooting each frame – just look at Aardman Studios’ Wallace and Gromit for how to do it the right way.

Animation has been used in just about every format possible, from advertisements to full-blown TV series. The beauty is that the writers are not limited by the actions and movements of humans, so literally, anything is possible. How do you think they can get a spaceman and a cowboy to be friends? Or a lion cub to talk?

How To Observe International Animation Day

The obvious way is to watch an animated movie or TV program. Pick an old favorite or go down the historical route and try to find some of the really old animations. This is a great history lesson and can be a fun way to educate children about how films were once made.

Also, go through to the modern age and see if you can watch a 3D movie. The film Avatar is one of the most impressive and doesn’t need to be viewed in 3D to be enjoyed. Why not speak to the children about the different filmmaking techniques and watch a documentary on animation? There are plenty of them out there.

Additionally, there are museums dedicated to the craft that are well worth a look. Otherwise, a trip to the cinema is always a solid choice, and most of the time there is an animated film showing that has just been released.

At the very least, a movie night where everyone agrees on a movie or two is always going to be a popular choice. Grab some favorite snacks, turn the lights down, and immerse yourself in the wonders of animation on International Animation Day this year.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 28 Monday
Next year (2025)
October 28 Tuesday
Last year (2023)
October 28 Saturday
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