Job Action Day

Job Action Day is a holiday that’s observed annually on the first Monday in November and encourages people to explore their career options. The job market is continuously changing, so it’s always a good idea for workers to keep all of their options in front of them at all times.

This is especially true if a person isn’t feeling the personal satisfaction from their current job that they would like to have. If the worker keeps their skills up to date and keeps all of their options open, then there’s no reason why they have to feel mired down in their current job. This is why this holiday is important for everyone to celebrate when it comes around each year.

The History Of Job Action Day

This holiday was founded back in 2008 by Quintcareers. They created this holiday to encourage people to keep their career options open. This holiday is currently under the sponsorship of LiveCareer and has been for the last few years.

Some Interesting Facts About Work Life

We wanted to list some interesting facts about work life, so we took a few minutes of our time and did some research. Everything that we then learned about work-life is now available below.

  • The most common day that workers call in sick is Monday.
  • The day of the week that workers are least likely to call in sick is Friday.
  • The average workweek in Japan is 60-70 hours.
  • McDonald’s employs over 1.7 million people across the world.
  • The word “boss” comes from the 18th-century Dutch word “baas,” which means “master.”

Observing Job Action Day

If there’s any day of the year when workers should think about changing their job, it’s Job Action Day. On this day, everyone should consider all of their employment options and determine if their skills are competitive in today’s market. People can also share information about this holiday using the hashtag #JobActionDay to encourage their fellow workers to also consider their career options.

When is it?
This year (2024)
November 4 Monday
Next year (2025)
November 3 Monday
Last year (2023)
November 6 Monday
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