Kids Music Day

Science leaves no doubt about it: music education is vital to a child’s mental and emotional development. Study after study has shown that a music-rich education regimen helps with a child’s language development, increases children’s intelligence quotients, helps with spatial-temporal skills, and improves the child’s test scores.

Unfortunately, many schools across the U.S. are ignoring these facts and cutting music education programs. Kids Music Day is a holiday that hopes to stop that trend by showing parents, teachers, and politicians the importance of music education in the classroom. Music education helps to prepare children for a bright future as an adult, regardless of whether they become musicians.

The History of Kids Music Day

Kids Music Day was created by Keep Music Alive — an organization founded by the husband and wife team, Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico. They started this organization in 2014, and not long after, Kids Music Day was established.

As is the case with this organization, the purpose of this holiday is to promote the value of music. After all, music has not only educational value to children but also offers social and therapeutic benefits.

Important Facts About Music Education

Let’s take just a few moments out of our busy schedules to learn more about music education. After a bit of research, we found quite a few facts that we think everyone will find helpful. Let’s explore them below.

  • Children with disabilities who lose focus in noisy classrooms benefit from taking music lessons.
  • Schools that have music programs have an attendance rate that’s typically 8.4% higher, on average.
  • On average, schools with a music program have a 17.3% higher graduation rate than schools without a music program.
  • Even though they’re proven to contribute to a student’s academic experience, music programs are constantly in danger of being cut from school curriculums.
  • Children who study a musical instrument are much more likely to excel in school.
  • A recent Stanford study has shown that music engages areas of the brain that are involved with paying attention and making predictions.

Observing Kids Music Day

This holiday is observed on the first Friday in October, and before this date, people can sign up for their school to participate in the event. This holiday/event includes student performances, instrument donation drives, kid music lessons, drum and guitar circles, as well as instrument petting zoos. Schools can visit to learn more about this holiday.

When is it?
This year (2024)
October 4 Friday
Next year (2025)
October 3 Friday
Last year (2023)
October 6 Friday
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