King Mindaugas’ Coronation Day

King Mindaugas’ Coronation Day is a public holiday in Lithuania that’s observed annually on July 6th. This holiday marks the coronation of King Mindaugas, the first Grand Duke of Lithuania and the first king of a unified Lithuania. He was crowned Lithuania’s king during the mid-13th century and he remained the king for the next decade.

This holiday celebrates his coronation with a variety of special events that include not only concerts, parades, and street festivals, but also features operas, folk dance performances and music, and cultural events. Although it’s been observed for the past 769+ years, it didn’t become an official Lithuanian holiday until the 1990s.

The History Of King Mindaugas’ Coronation Day

In 1240, King Mindaugas would create the first Lithuanian state and enlisted the aid of Teutonic Knights, a Medieval religious military order, to protect the country from attacks. In repayment of their services, the king would then officially become a Catholic and bring the religion to the people of the country.

In 1253, he was crowned the King of Lithuania and he would remain the king of this country for approximately 10-years. In 1991, this holiday was celebrated for the first time as an official public holiday in Lithuania. Just 12 years later, in 2003, the 750th anniversary of the king’s coronation was observed. This widespread event featured concerts, parades, folk festivals, and a variety of other events.

Observing King Mindaugas’ Coronation Day

In St. John Valley, everyone attending takes the time to sing the national anthem. There are also festivals, parades, and concerts all throughout the day.  Because King Mindaugas was a Medieval king, there are some staged jousts and people may dress up as knights and nobles.

At the end of this holiday, there is also a fireworks display marking the event. Since this is a public holiday, this is a day on which government offices and some businesses may also be closed.

Where is it celebrated?
Lithuania (National holiday)
When is it?
This year (2023)
July 6 Thursday
Next year (2024)
July 6 Saturday
Last year (2022)
July 6 Wednesday